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اصطلاح: به تنهایی
ترجمه متن اصلی
به تنهایی، مستقلا

تعریف: به خودی خود تنها.

مثال: الیور می داند که هرگز آن را تنها نخواهم یافت.
On one's tod

Defition: on your own; alone.

Example: Oliver knows I'll never find it on my tod.
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fgn20 1399/06/27

i am very sad من خیلی غمگینم

Mali937 1399/06/27

are you aloneآیا شما تنهایی

sadeghjohere 1399/06/27

i"m very lonelyمن خیلی تنها هستم

Right 1399/06/27

And know that the platitudes are true: one is never as lonely on one's tod as one can be in a relationship.

poorya1234 1399/06/26


maryamrjb 1399/06/25

i"m very lonely
من خیلی تنها هستم

omid74 1399/06/25

من خیلی غمگینم i am very sad

Light 1399/06/25

Without or not near to anyone else; on one's own; all alone. A shortening of the Cockney rhyming slang "on one's Tod Sloan," referring to a once-famous American horse jockey who fell into disrepute in the early 20th century and died penniless and alone.

moohammd 1399/06/25

i m very sad
من خیلی غمگینم

OoOoOoO 1399/06/24

i'm very sad
من خیلی غمگینم

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