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اصطلاح: مدت زمان طولانی
ترجمه متن اصلی
مدت زمان طولانی

تعریف: یک دوره زمانی نامحدود طولانی

مثال: یمدت زیادی طول می کشد تا همه آن چوب ها را خرد کنید.
Month of Sunday

Definition: An indefinitely long period of time.

Example: It will take you a month of Sundays to chop all that wood.
نظرات کاربران

برای ثبت نظر به اپلیکیشن مانامو مراجعه نمایید.

esik0p0ll 1399/12/11

donkeys years
زمان طولانی

samira6788 1399/11/19

Long time no see you
خیلی وقته ندیدمت

Bahar1234 1399/11/17

An indefinite or long periodof time.یک دوره زمانی نامحدود یا مدت زمان طولانی

moheballaharab8383 1399/10/05

یک دوره زمانی نامحدود یا مدت طولانیAnindefinite or long period of time

orak1374 1399/08/10

An indefinite or long period of time
یک دوره زمانی نامحدود یا مدت طولانی

parisagaemi 1399/08/01

I do not work for a long time

shaghayegh2020 1399/07/23

learning english will take a mounth of sunday

arsenjoonam 1399/07/12

I see mionth of sunday my mother

animaa 1399/07/04

we are here, waiting, for a mounth sunday, pleas give me a certain time

farshad 1399/06/31

We are an old book ... all wrong!
We read the whole thing ... but wrong!
I taught for years ... mistake by mistake
I corrected for years, wrong with wrong!
I was unaware ... alas ... of the principles of love!
Wrong line, wrong composition, wrong knowledge, wrong piety!
Religion if this is it! The unbelievers are more faithful than us
Is this the last Muslim? No mistake ... no mistake!
They taught us the first day, a world of deception ...
The last day ... Our exercise was: A wrong owl!
One by one, whatever the wind and whatever it was
Sheikhna said ... but either it was a mistake ... or it was wrong ..!
I said from the extreme mistakes ... the office of the heart became black!
He said I know ... we are wrong to the end!
On every line we read from the book of destiny
I saw one mistake and he ... hundreds of mistakes.
Or Lord ... forgiveness from you is beautiful, confession from us.
Or the Lord has mercy on you and is wrong with us.

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